~ Chapter 1 ~ Episode 1 ~

( I hope this isn’t too harsh for anybody, it’s just part of my story ) Shortly after moving into their new home, The Pickles family received some devastating news. One of their teenage twin sons, Aiden Pickles was diagnosed with a chronic illness, Simphoma. Aiden has been going though radiation treatments, which has caused him to lose his hair. The Pickles family is pulling together to support Aiden as much as they can. The littlest of the Pickles family, Noelle, just doesn’t understand.

Noelle, the youngest of the Pickles family, first learning that her big brother is ill.

10897133_10205075385511752_1293574001330528731_nBest bro’s for life!


Aiden Pickles, not too happy about the news of his illness or the loss of his hair. It’s gonna take some getting used to.


Brotherly Love  Aiden & Oliver Pickles

10690205_10205075387831810_5766299177771799881_nEmery Pickles chatting with little sister Noelle, she doesn’t like to see her sister sad.

10014573_10205075388351823_7100407895510308278_nMomma hugging her baby. Trying to hold back tears, Naomi just can’t believe this terrible news.

10801896_10205075388631830_3955907733381250449_nAiden Pickles hugging tightly onto little sister Emery, letting her know he’s just fine.

1505340_10205075389511852_7682704756826657619_nAiden with sweet little Noelle. He knows how sad his baby sister has been over all of this.

10888945_10205075390191869_4725375859670029263_nMomma Pickles comforting and reassuring Noelle that Aiden will be just fine. He’s a fighter!

10360361_10205075391151893_902386617944442827_nElliot Pickles hugs his son tight, never thinking something like this would ever happen to their family.

10915177_10205075391471901_7673571585824164432_nPoor Aiden Pickles, naps on the couch. His medication makes him feel so tired and sick at times…



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